The Incredible Shrinking Driver: The Driver Shortage and What It Means

The heading might suggest what many drivers tell me about their time behind the wheel. "I used to be a lot taller before I became a truck driver" My Dad, he drove for Yellow Freight for 30 years, used to always complain about being the incredible "Shrinking Man". He was right in more ways than stature,

Presently the driver shortage, as projected by the ATA's most recent figures, will be at 48,000 this year and that number goes to 175,000 by 2024. "Houston we have a problem". How do we get the next generation to embrace the open road? This is partly ours, the baby boomers and to some extent GenXers, fault. Hey we pushed our kids to do better than us, go to school, dont work as hard as I had to, etc....and now we get what we asked for. They don't want to work hard and they feel a sort of expectation of gratis, they get the reward without the work. These trucking jobs are seen below their qualifications. The trucking industry isnt the only ones facing this. Have you tried getting a plumber or electrician to your house lately. So how do we reverse this trend?

We have got to do a better job of "selling the dream". Why do you go to college? You've been told you have to go to better yourself, prepare you for the world around you, business, arts, life. In the end you get a piece of paper that says you completed all assigned tasks and classes, but are you really ready? No. You learn on the job more than the classroom. No different than these new pursuers of the open roads and dreams. We, as an industry, do a poor job of readying our "students".We sell this as being your own boss, but we dont teach them about finances, business, risk management, accounting. We tell you we can put you on the road, but often it is the road to disappointment. To be successful you have to provide these drivers with the tools to be good businessmen/women. Provide access to simple accounting programs or third party providers. Companies that will help manage the daily business whether it's Risk Management, business reviews, establishing e-log overview, GPS tracking(to save on insurance). These are the things that could be used to recruit and retain drivers. Creating and establishing an environment that breed success not only for your company but for the driver/owner operator.

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